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JDO Design is a design company specializing in website design and development, brand identity, and graphic design based in Seattle, Washington. At JDO Design, we strive to provide professional, creative, and quality design solutions for all of our clients. With years of experience in the design field, we are most excited about building quality designed websites and personal branding identities. 

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  • sprocket-crjrCosta Rica Jungle Retreats

    "The feeling of calm, peace, and serenity with vibrant color choices was the main creative direction when creating the Costa Rica Jungle Retreats website."

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  • sprocket-jonathandowensJonathan Owens

    "For my own personal art website, I desired the look and feel of this website to mimic the elegance and power in my soft pastel paintings!"

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  • sprocket-fincaFinca la Puebla

    "Finca la Puebla is a certified organic farm located in Costa Rica. It was important to design this website with a rich, organic feel and look that emphasized the soil and earth. This is the the very heart of this farm."

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  • sprocket-cosmicconvergenceCosmic Convergence Festival

    "A tribal flair with hints of Mayan imagery was the visual direction in creating this expansive festival website."

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  • sprocket-janhartnewJan Hart

    "This website features an artist, author, adventurer, and Jan Hart happens to be my Mom as well! The design called for a very colorful layout to express the vibrant colors in Jan's watercolor paintings."

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  • sprocket-pnmProject Nuevo Mundo

    "This permaculture oriented website has such a unique vision, connecting individual people and project centers around the globe."

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  • sprocket-graffitiGraffiti Weekend

    "Home to one of the largest car shows in the Pacific Northwest. This website represents the nostalgia of the past with classic cars of every make and model."

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  • "Jonathan Owens has designed logos and business card layouts for three of my businesses. Not only were the designs absolutely stellar, but the customer service that I received from him was outstanding. I highly recommend his services."

    David Hogan

  • "Jonathan Owens is the kind of designer someone searches years to find. He listens to what you want, gives you his own artistic input, and makes sure that you are 100% satisfied with your finished product. I recommend Jonathan Owens highly and plan to continure working with him on future projects."

    Angela DiMarco

  • "People who contact me often tell me how much they like the feel and the flow of my website. I like it too. Jonathan, you understood what I was trying to say and found the perfect way to visually express what Finca la Puebla means to me. Thank you!"

    Frank Thompson

  • "Jonathan Owens is in a class all by himself. He approaches all project types with an artistic sense, resulting in websites and other branding mediums looking fresh, unique and memorable. I highly recommend Jonathan for all of your branding needs."

    Mark Ariail

  • "One of the primary reasons my website is so effective and such a pleasure is the work Jonathan Owens did! He understood the need for elegance and artistic touches and helped make it come alive. It is sometimes hard to find a web designer who is also an artist with an amazing eye for color. Jonathan Owens is that person!"

    Jan Hart

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